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The Endangered Species List

Grant turns his focus closer to biology, as we look at the history and the meaning of two lists of endangered species. What does the scope of the Endangered Species Act reveal about the national imagination when compared to its predecessors? How can listing turn to recovery? What can we claim to know about the status of biological life when a majority of creatures are not assessed?


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Logo by Marah
Music by Thylacinus
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Some of the music made for the show is available on our composer's Soundcloud, give it a look!

Here was his initial pitch for the intro and outro: "As you’re essentially functioning as an audio time machine or historical guide taking the audience back, my instinct is to have the intro start with a cross-cultural mashup of influences in a very modern style, and over the brief duration of the intro, slip backwards through time so that at the end of [insert your desired duration for the intro here] the music is in the style of some of the earliest documented music.  The outro would essentially be that idea in reverse, so it would end with returning the listener to their current time." Pretty great idea! And he totally nailed it.

For contrast, here's the suggestion we had for the melody: "I'd like the theme to communicate 'You're going to learn something, and we're cute' if that makes sense.". It's pretty clear who in this situation knows something about writing songs.

Again, you can add to your podcatcher or RSS reader now to wake up with our first episode ready and waiting for you on Monday morning. Here's a second hint about the topic: We're running through the history of a place in the US, from pre-history to today.

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