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Supplemental 3: Outtakes

Happy Holidays! We're taking a break from history this week, and sharing some of the stuff from our cutting room floor. Please enjoy these digressions, false starts, and peeks into "the process". As promised, we'll be back next time with our annual New Year's special.

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Supplemental 2

Apolgies! Life caught up with us in a big way lately, and rather than skip this week entirely we put together a little surprise instead. This supplemental episode is a collection of bloopers, digressions, and other outtakes from almost the entire run of our show so far. Enjoy this collection of things we consider good enough to keep, even if they didn't quite fit in the episodes they were recorded for. Next week, the 7th of August, a regular episode will go up, and we'll resume our biweekly schedule from there.



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Supplemental 1

As promised, here's the bonus episode with more letters and outtakes. Some of our favorite bits from Episode 8 fell on the cutting room floor, and here they are for you to enjoy.

Logo by Marah
Music by Thylacinus
Censor beep by Frank West of The FPlus

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