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The third episode of History Honeys brings Grant to the hot seat to talk about The Comics Code Authority; its beginnings, its effects, and its legacy. If it seems like Alaina doesn't say much, it's because she was too busy trying to keep her composure in the face of the all-too familiar story of misplaced outrage and artistic repression. She made some incredible faces, though. Is scapegoating and censorship the path of least resistance? Can history remember anyone for more than one thing? How long of a shadow can one moment cast?

Recommendations: SagaI Hate FairylandArchie, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Starchie (and all of Will Elder and Wally Wood's work on MAD), The Lee/Kirby run on Fantastic Four (issues 1-102), Figment from the Disney Kingdoms line of books inspired by theme park attractions, and many other books we didn't mention in the recording.

An article about Wertham's manipulation of facts to fit his argument:

And a big thanks to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

As mentioned in the listener mail segment, two articles by Ciaran.
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